Using a public network to connect remote sites and users together, Our Connectivity solution offers flexible, secure networking for your business.

The MPLS ,VPN , SIP solutions utilises multi-protocol Label Switching technology, which dramatically increases data transmission speeds and network reliability.

All connections are uncontended and unshaped, delivering maximum throughput into the network and offering added redundancy and resilience. Connectivity benefits from the core network’s ability to dual connect critical sites, and quality of service is maintained over all links, ensuring optimal bandwidth utilisation.

We are also a licensed Internet Service Provider (ISP) aimed at providing high qual- ity networking services to our clients. We aim to redefine the”internet experience” by providing high speed connectivity and browsing experience to our users. Our packages include affordable offers for home users, business users and enterprise users.



Hosting services is critical to your business. Long page load times, delays in updating content and even minimal downtime can compromise your bottom line. We make it simple for companies to communicate and get things done by offering a variety of reliable, business- class email solutions to meet your needs:

  • Website Hosting
  • Hosted Email
  • Services On Premise Email and offsite Hosting Service

Brilliantel Hosting services can help make sure your business applications has the speed, performance and security you need, while you spend your time building your brand experience, not your infrastructure.



Many small businesses require connectivity to the resources on their server from many locations - remote office, home office or mobile laptop users - Brilliantel can supply a service allowing seamless, secure and user-friendly access to all of these services.

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