IP Telephony


Brilliantel is an accredited reseller and integrator of MITEL PABX system. We supply, install, integrate and manage the maintenance programme for customers to ensure seamless and uniter-rupted communications.Mitel’s portfolio of products are designed to easily integrate with a wide variety of existing systems and business processes, allowing businesses to evolve as their need dictates. Whether updating an existing telephony system, adding collaboration tools, improving customer service, or supporting mobile and remote workers.



No amount of equipment and or technology can be effective without human control and management. Installation of even the best TMS will yield to nothing if not accompanied by an efficientand robust monitoring and reporting policy by human being. We at Brilliantel understand the complexities of telephone cost management hence we offer a well established TMS product as a complimentary to our voice solutions. Together with our partners we ensure Return on your investment(ROI):

Benefits of TMS:

  • Effectively manage all voice related functions
  • Have enterprise-wide control over communication infrastructureHave enterprise-wide control over communication infrastructure
  • Enjoy web based access and security
  • Reduce voice administration
  • Provide for enterprise wide reporting across all voice platforms, from usage to performance
  • Centralised directory that ensures contact remains up to date.
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